Series of Workshops

Conducted for groups of people (one to 10 people) with very similar UX (user experience). Examples of groups::
  • rank-and-file employees, team members
  • managers, team leaders
  • head of the whole organization

If we find out that for each of the department teams the UX will be very different (i.e. they will have different features and/or ways of applying them), then this is a reason for additional grouping

Format: over 2 weeks, once a week, for 1 hour each, via Google Meet

The service is "turned on" after all users have read the tutorials.

Charging: one workshop for one group = 60€ * 2 pcs. = 120€, e.g. if you have 3 groups => 360€.

Unit: Series of 2 workshops for 1 group

Timeframe: 2 weeks

Payment Terms: Post-delivery, within 1 business day

Result Assessment: Post-delivery, within 1 business day